July 10th, 2011

There are some factors those unsuccessful influences for low income housing development. The factors are too many small for financial resources and there was no incentive or disincentive in public housing development program. Law enforcement is weakness in public housing development process and constraint for good corporate government building in regional government. Potential buyer is big but they have not much money to purchase them housing need. Indonesian’s housing credit rates is the highest in South East Asia. There is no governmental land banking and cost of land acquisition is too high. This is the factor that influence why the A Million Housing National Movement is fail. In the other hand, there was misinterpretation with understanding of Autonomous Region Program. This program is opportunity to rise up regional income retribution and empowering potential economy.

The region of Jogjakarta is very limited. Vertical building is a good solution for limited land in Jogjakarta. Vertical low cost housing will repair the slump and give solution for public accessibility in non formal sector. The variant of Jogjakarta citizenship is very powerful buyer, like commuter workers, river’s bank dwellers, formal workers and students. The alternate of vertical public housing that can absorb by potential buyer are:

a) ownership flat with housing credit rates subsidized;

b) rental flat with public facilities subsidized;

c) partnership integrated dormitory for students;

low price apartment for formal workers.

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